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Just then, when it was least expected...
dresser, Montano, 2006
Hello, folks. It's been rather a while since I was in touch here. Let's catch up.

My health had another one of those long downward spirals last year. There were occasional ups, but more downs. But circumstances intervened in a good way: I needed to move. From the vantage point of my new apartment, I can see just how bad the old one had gotten. Some of the big problems turn out to have basically been mine, with needed chores neglected. Others turn out to be the place itself degrading for want of needed maintenance and upgrading.

Now the latter are far away from me - well, across town, since I've moved from Ballard to Redmond. The new place is very much an upgrade for me. In fact it would normally be flat-out beyond my means, but there's a regulation that new housing construction in this area set aside some units for income-restricted tenants. That's me. So here I am in a building that's only two or three years old, built to modern standards, including insulation. That alone will save me a ton in power bills. It's just amazing. I'm in a beautiful unit in a beautiful building, with a whole lot in very walkable distance.

Now to resume work on my well-being, to prepare for upcoming challenges, of which more in another post.

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I'm not sure whether I said this over on the Plus, but I'll say it here anyway: Yay new place! If nothing else, a change of living space can have a major positive psychological effect; coupled with a new place that's really nicer than the previous place that can only be a good thing.

Here's hoping that you can make progress with well-being.

Thanks. :) And yes, yes it really can matter on a whole lot of fronts.

Your new place sounds lovely. Good luck with the well-being!

Nice to see you posting.

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Thanks, Jo. Sometimes the change of place really does help with the habits, and it seems to be this time.

Oh awesome! And you have people living nearby and within, I'm sure, a much easier distance. That's wonderful. :)

Congrats on the new place, I hope it works out well for you.

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