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Me, Fate, Mecha, More
dresser, Montano, 2006
There are two reasons you should back this Kickstarter, for Apotheosis Drive X.

#1. It's a very nifty game, and awesome mecha action is really seriously neglected within gaming. There's the Mekton games, and a bit from BESM, and not a whole lot else. David and Filamena have done a wonderful job pushing Fate Core so that it does epic action with melodrama. Like, it's got the skill for taking action specifically when both mecha and pilot have severe-consequence-level damage. It's good.

#2. If you push the stretch goals enough, not only will you get to see Geoffrey McVey do fightin' Hindu magical mecha, possibly with dance rules, you can also see me write cephalopods in mecha versus Wells' Martians at the bottom of the sea. And I'd like to do that.

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That Generations mechanic makes me think about a giant-robot Pendragon game.

That was one of my first thoughts, too.

It sounds interesting, but I worry about their deadline.

July of 2013? Seriously? They don't say they've got the manuscript finished, even. The kickstarter won't be done until nearly the and of April. Three months to turn it around, print it, and send it out? I'm a little tired of kickstarters who put on the rosey glasses when they make schedules. One of his previous kickstarters looks like it promised August 2012, and I see he was shipping things out in February of this year.

You can take it up with David if you want - you're probably not the only one wondering. From what I've seen, it's a solidly feasible schedule.

Project creator here.

We've released a game every summer for the last 5 years. We always do product releases at Gen Con; it's a significant part of our livelihood.

My wife and I create games full-time. It's how we feed our children and pay our rent. Since I very much like having a roof over my head, I take these things very seriously. ADX will be ready by Gen Con. Our expectation is July, but depending on printer hiccups, that may be August. Either way, there will be a product at Gen Con, because of the aforementioned food and rent. We don't really have the choice to let that lapse.

I can break down the raw numbers if you'd really like. But this is not only reasonable, it's perfectly conservative for where we are on the project. We're fully designed; we're just wrapping up writing an art. Final text goes right into layout.

Also, for what it's worth, she and I have worked on over 50 books from various companies. Clearly, we hit deadlines; we keep being hired. In fact, for more than a few companies go to us for spot work when people fall through on deadlines.

-David A Hill Jr

While not an RPG, I liked Mecha! especially the "Aztecs in Space" setting they published.

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